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What was that?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

It seemed the autumn weather was making its statement that evening, for it was raining heavily, it was definitely not a good time for a walk outside. But with that the opportunity to enjoy the various activities inside the Manor became even more appealing.

At the grand library Luriana was all by herself, reading very peacefully and enjoying the warmth from the nearby fireplace, the sounds the rain made onto the windows managed to at some level be even soothing and quite relaxing.

Strangely she began to hear a very peculiar and faint sound coming from somewhere in the Manor, it resembled a trumpet.

Unexpectedly Luriana noticed a shadowy silhouette dashing through the room, she was quick to gasp for air and jump from her chair.

What could that be? She was certain she was all alone, shivering felt the need to rush back to her room, this was definitely something she had to share.


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