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Kaya Angel
The Duke of Angel Manor

Kaya is the designer and builder of Angel Manor Estate. His role is to ensure the estate continues to be an example of high standards within Second Life. From architectural design to high-end entertainment and events, Angel Manor is designed to be an immersive environment with a cohesive theme across all of its activities.  The estate also contains a rich community of residents that call Angel Manor their home.
Kaya is responsible for many aspects of estate life as well as building and selling a range of buildings and furniture which help fund events at the estate. 


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Kezzy Forwzy
The Duchess of Angel Manor

Kezzy joined the Rose Theatre not long after it first opened and is a co-founder of Angel Manor Estate. Kezzy was a manager of other venues on the grid before joining the Rose Theatre, and with over sixteen years experience in Second Life has an in-depth understanding of estate and event management.
Kezzy oversees the general operations from strategic planning, event management and day-to-day running of the Estate as well as operating The Rose Theatre, The Rose Lounge and live music events across the estate. 

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Angel Manor Estate
The History - By Kaya Angel 

May I wish you a very warm welcome to Angel Manor.  When I first started to explore Second Life so many years ago I would often find myself at great looking sims, but would then find I could only explore a few rooms, often just in the base of a building. If there were many rooms to explore I would often find them to be empty and without purpose. Many sims I visited felt much more like a film set than a real virtual environment that I could get immersed in. 

It did not take me long to want to build a very real building. Windows that look into a real room and doors that lead to a new location to explore. Rooms that serve a function and would be filled with lots to see and do. A building that felt real and would allow people to immerse themselves in the experience.  

The Rose Theatre Ballroom was the first incarnation of this dream and from there we have grown and grown, responding to requests from visitors and my own desire to expand. The current structure is the 5th incarnation and we don't plan to slow down yet. 

Angel Manor Estate is a fully realised location that can take hours to explore leaving you never knowing if you have really seen it all. This vast estate now plays host to a large number of performances and many other forms of entertainment for the residents of Second Life. This palace also includes a large number of residential suites that people can move into and call home. We are proud to support many real world charities and serve as host to many events by third party organisations within Second Life. 

Angel Manor is not a period role-play location, although it does indulge it's theme by allowing people to live out their fantasy of a royal/ aristocratic life. The Estate is set in modern day and operates in the same way like that many large British country estates do today, by finding new ways to serve the community whilst still adhering to the rich history and culture of the past. It follows many of the old traditions established in the golden Edwardian period of Britain.  

We welcome people into this grand estate that celebrates the creativity, artistry and skills of many people within Second Life.  Real enough to connect with yet with a touch of magic that allows your imagination to run free.

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