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The Palace 


I wish I had more thumbs

Posted December 18, 2015 by 0livia Adored 5 stars

Because I'd like to give more than 2 thumbs up, and certainly more than 5 stars.

It's enough of the "Angel Manor Estate" vibe with those familiar, warm and luxurious textures, but, with an incredible transformation using materials.

Seriously well done and I'm so happy I was able to get this. I didn't even go to see it first and do a walk-through, because I just knew it would be amazing. And trust me, I don't make enough RL money to buy fake money to toss $5,400L at a 'maybe'. No maybes- it's worth. every. single. L$.

—  Chateau


Textures Sets_007
Textures Sets_003
Grand Palace_001
Grand Palace 100_005
Textures Sets_002
Grand Palace 100_021
Grand Palace 100_004
Grand Palace 100_002
Grand Palace 10_002
Grand Palace 10_003
Grand Palace 10_004
Grand Palace 10_014
Grand Palace 10_011
Grand Palace 100_001
Chateau Texture 2_003
Chateau Texture 2_002
Chateau 5_022
Chateau Texture 2_001
Palace Parlour_004
Palace Parlour_002
Palace Parlour_003
Palace Parlour_001
Rose Theatre Group Gift_001
Rose Theatre Group Gift_002
Rose Theatre Group Gift_003
Men Club_008
Men Club_004
Dowager House External Textures_024
Dowager House External Textures_021
Dowager House External Textures_020
Dowager House External Textures_014
Dowager House External Textures_013
Dowager House External Textures_011
Dowager House External Textures_012
Dowager House External Textures_001
Dowager House External Textures_003
Dowager House External Textures_002
Dowager House External Textures_004
Dowager House External Textures_020
Dowager House External Textures_013
Dowanger House New_005
Dowanger House New_011
Winter Garden_010
Winter Gardens Sales_001
The Mansion_001
The Mansion_006
Stately Home inside_005
Stately Home_010
Stately Home inside_001
Furniture Store_005
scholar mansion_009
scholar mansion_005
Grand Hall_014
Pavillion Hall_009
Pavillion Hall_001
Outdoor Garden Venue Stage_003
Grand Hall_002
Grand Ballroom_020
Grand Ballroom_001
Garden Venue_004
Walled Garden_002
Castle Hall_020
Chateau 5_004
Stately Home_010
Skybox Library_015
Skybox Library_003
Skybox Library_002
Grand Hall_010
Grand Ballroom_020
Furniture Store_005
Furniture Store_003
Country House_010
Church_001 Small 5


Furniture Store_029
Furniture Store_028
Furniture Store_026
Furniture Store_022
Furniture Store_019
Furniture Store_018
Furniture Store_011
Furniture Store_014
Furniture Store_016
Furniture Store_012
Furniture Store_010
Furniture Store_005
Furniture Store_003
Furniture Store_008
Furniture Store_007
Furniture Store_006
Furniture Store_002
Residents Homes_049
Residents Homes_048
Residents Homes_047
Residents Homes_046
Residents Homes_035
Residents Homes_034
Residents Homes_033
Residents Homes_031
Furniture Store_005
Furniture Store_003
Skybox Library_002
Skybox Library_003
Residents Homes_029
Residents Homes_046
Residents Homes_028
Residents Homes_042
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