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Angel Manor Estate is a cultural mecca created in 2007 to showcase the highest quality of the arts of Second Life, in music, art and content creation. Since then, we have been driven by the power this virtual world has to offer by allowing all residents of Second Life a place to escape to and rest their soul in our world of creativity and grand splendour. Themed as a modern-day aristocratic palace, we create an environment that allows our visitors, residents and staff to experience a standard of life and culture that encourages, inspires and motivates us to live our best lives in both worlds.
The current version of Angel Manor - The Rose Theatre is the 4th incarnation (not including many updates over the years) and it’s time to once again evolve and bring things up to a new standard. Angel Manor has been around for the Second Life community for over 16 years and during that time we have always evolved to meet the needs of the SL community. It’s time for a brand-new update involving a total redesign and building to take Angel Manor to a new standard as we have always aimed to represent the best in virtual architecture and make full use of all the graphic tools SL provides.
So, what does this mean?  In the coming weeks and months, we plan to bring out a whole new range of buildings to sale for all the community to enjoy and at the same time, to undergo a total redesign of Angel Manor - The Rose Theatre. All sales activities will continue as normal as Kaya focuses on building a large number of new assets that will serve both the new estate but will also feature in a large number of new products that will be available for all to buy. During this time we will be closed to live events.
The major announcement as part of this choice is that Angel Manor will no longer offer residential homes in Second Life. We are sure you can understand that running live events, building and furniture sales and rentals is a large enterprise and having reviewed the community needs we believe that our time is best focused on content creation and live events. We deeply thank everyone that has had the chance to call Angel Manor their home for over ten years, and have made memories that will last a lifetime. As with each redesign we are excited about the new creation ahead and hope it will once again set a new standard for virtual architecture. We would like to thank all artists, musicians and performers that have performed in the current Rose Theatre over the past years and shall look forward to inviting you back to a brand-new stage and performance venue!
Be sure to take the last chance to explore the grounds of Angel Manor Estate and The Rose Theatre before 26th November 2023.
Watch this space for updates on new products, and for a sneak peak of the redesign of the new Angel Manor as well as regular updates on the building process.

Deepest of Respects and Thanks for your support, then, now and always.

Kaya Angel & Kezzy Forwzy
Angel Manor Estate

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Angel Manor Estate - The Rose Theatre - 




Now in it's 16th year, The Rose Theatre showcases live music performances on its purpose built stage. With a grounding in Real Life theatre and performing arts, Kaya Angel has built a stage set with lighting effects and moving set items that could rival any Real Life theatre. The main stage is on another sim to the audience which allows performances to run unaffected by server lag.


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