Teleport: Venues

The Rose Theatre
The Rose Lounge
The Opera House
The Rose Gallery
Close for building work
Angel Grand Hall
The Chapel
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Teleport: Building and Furniture Stores

Teleport: Sims

Building Store
Furniture Store
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Angel Manor Estate
Angel Park
Palace Retreat
Boating Lake
Angel Manor Garden
Angel Manor East
The West Wing
Angel Manor
South Wing
Angel Manor Retreat
Angel Manor Park
Angel Manor Lodge
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Teleport: Other Areas of Interest

Main Residence Entrance
State Dining Room
Throne Room
Duchess' State Drawing Room
Grand State Hall
Duke's State Drawing Room
The Balcony
Family Gallery
Music Room
Entrance Hall
The Grand Dining Hall
Petting Farm
Manor Retreat
Family Archive
Wine Cellar
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Dance Studio
Steam Room
The Spa
Angel Tennis Courts
Angel Manor Gym
Angel Golf Course
Meditation Garden
The Rose & Crown
The Family Study
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