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Estate Newsletter - January 2022

Happy New Year Residents Of Angel Manor!

Time for a news update! What a year and what a very busy Christmas. We hope you were able to get your gifts from the Christmas Market as it was our way of getting residents and Rose Theatre members a good number of free gifts and hope people enjoyed all the singers, we had over the Christmas period.

We hope you also enjoyed the Christmas decorations and saw that we went all out on the front of the Rose Theatre this year

So here we are in 2022! What’s planned.......

After a busy Christmas we decided to take a break with music bookings for January, but booking will start again in February. Which this gap is happening it’s a great time to build a new stage set for the main ballroom stage so we can start back with a bang!


The next update for the estate is large rebuild of the estate’s stables. This was inspired by a few visits to some other stables that me and the Duchess made a visit too. We really like some of the extra facilities we saw there that facilitated better roleplay so we hope the new stables which will a much nicer facility for those who enjoy equestrian activities.


The garden sim will also see a number of changes to accommodate the new stables so there should also be a range of new areas to see and explore.

The other areas for focus, although as the ideas are not fleshed out fully yet I can’t say too much but to give you an idea I’m hoping to do something with the gallery space which has been in much need of a purpose for a long time now. I also want to update some of the smaller cottages which are due an update. And I would like to open a conversation about the state rooms within the west wing and see if we can make them something more useful for residents to use and enjoy.

Estate Lunch

As we did not get to have a estate Christmas dinner I would love to look at a residents dinner in which we can catch up and talk about plans for the coming year because as you know we so welcome your views and ideas and love to incorporate your aspirations for the estate into the plans! So look out for the notices about that once we get a date sorted.

Enjoy what is remaining of winter and I look forward to spring when the estate comes back to life with colour and wild life!

We both wish you all a very happy and healthy 2022!

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