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What have they been up too?

On her way back to the front desk, Luriana was surprised to see both the Duke and Duchess had just arrived back to the Manor.

Her natural instinct told her to ring for a footman who would usually be seen roaming around at those hours in the night to grab hold of their coats and attend to their return, but it seemed the footman was ahead of her and had already done just that.

Kaya Angel: "Hello there."

Kezzy Forwzy: "Hi Luriana."

Luriana: "Good evening! " She said having a good look at their faces, they seemed quite pleased.

Distancing herself from the ipad, she curtised as gracefully as she could, she was quite glad to see them, there was so much they had to discuss.

Kaya Angel: "We're just back from seeing a show..."

Intrigued Luriana nodded, she was curious to hear all details about the show, was it good?Did they enjoy it?....

The three of them went on to discuss important matters regarding the Estate. Luriana urgently described her most recent experiences that have given her stronger determination to find more people qualified to keep the Manor running smoothly, be it the elevator failing on her, or the mischievous dog making a big mess at the great hall, giving her so much to clean afterwards, had it not been for Cecil showing up to kindly give her a helping hand she´d might still be seen there mopping the floor ...

The night went on, and soon the time came for them to go their separate ways, the three being rather exhausted from such a long day.On her way back to her room, Luriana felt she missed out on a opportunity when she was talking with them earlier... the book she had found at the library alluring to a secret within the main house was keeping her mind busy... perhaps at another time she´d find some answers.

Also could the Estate residents know anything regarding the secret the book was referring to?


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