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A Secret in the Pile

Luriana had decided to at last return the books she had been reading to its rightful place, the library. Upon arriving she was ever so pleased to see the room at first glance so visibly clean and tidy, the staff members had been working hard to keep things presentable, after all each room deserved a special care, as in the end the hope is to captivate the house guests with its beauty and in order to achieve that a proper cleaning routine must be in order.

However to her surprise she spotted a whole pile of books laying on the ground near the main desk, and was quite intrigued as to why or whom had left them there... certainly someone in a deep search for something in particular. But what?

Luriana: " Oh dear, well now this is odd."

She had a better more cautious look around the room, wondering if she was indeed alone inside... She moved to place her own book pile in the shelves, but was decided to figure out who had left such a massive pile on the floor, and more urgently, the reason why.

Luriana: " This is interesting, they seem to be mainly books regarding the Manor and its history."

She raised a curious eyebrow as she went over the book pile.

A particularly tarnished book caught her attention, and it would seem who ever was here had opened this one last before leaving it there opened.

Luriana:" Well then lets see what so special about you, shall we?." she giggled and moved to a nearby couch.

She decided not to flip the page the book was already in, and was quick to begin reading it...It wasn't long for her eyes to catch an intriguing line at the center of the first page. It followed:

"The Angels secret lies at the heart of the main House, and those who manage to find it discover a treasure unlike any other!"

Luriana: "Oh my! What could this be about?...." She said rather shocked with this discovery.." At the heart of the main house?....Its here right?!" she said to herself as if needing it to help her thought process.

Closing the book she rose from the couch, holding it close to her chest she walked out of the library at a fast pace, she was determined to do some further research herself...and also find out who was at the library before her...Could that person be truly looking for the treasure the book mentioned? She was hoping to find one of her colleague as well, she needed to share this with someone, urgently!

Luriana: " Could the Duke know what this is all about? I´ve been told he´d be at the stables during the morning time... perhaps I could find his lordship there?"


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