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Maintenance Needed

Luriana having just left the office was heading downstairs to check on things at the kitchen, and what better way to do that, then by using the elevator nearby....Upon trying to call it, there seemed to be some sort of problem, could it be electrical, mechanic?

Luriana: " Just my luck, of course it had to break on me now, I definitely need to employ an effective maintenance team!"

Determined she was quick to act, using the Ipad she had been carrying for todays work, she began to write a full description of the maintenance position and detailed ways for interested people to get in contact with her for the job.

Luriana: "Hopefully someone will apply for the position soon, the manor is quite massive, and in great need for a careful attention to its many machines, lights, simple switches and so on..." She said talking to herself.

Turning to face the elevators door, she shook her head displeased and sighed heavily, knowing very well the only other way was to take the stairs...


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