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What a day for a Wedding!

Well hello there! My days, what days we've had at the Manor just this weekend. There have been events and parties and the family heading out to shows, but by far the highlight for me at least was taking my trusty camera out into the gardens of the Estate, where I was greeted by the delightful scene of a Wedding!

Mr Marcus Lefevre-Enimo and Mr Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre were renewing their vows after a year of wedded bliss, and didn't they look handsome.

I must say, I was in my element. They had provided excellent entertainment with Djembe Dragonfire and Tamra Hayden, and there were so many people to photograph, my little camera was certainly all of a whirr.

And what a delight to see both the Duke and Duchess enjoying themselves and in such fine form too. Yes, a great occasion!

Our Estate Angels were on hand to keep the champagne flowing (and if I may indulge, it was the best I have tasted) and the food was simply delightful.

I will say, the grounds of the Estate certainly lend themselves to events like this. And you couldn't have better staff than the lovely Ms Luriana and her team of Angels.

Behind the scenes of this vast estate during events like this is always such a treat. The estate has been full of life all year, and you can be sure me and my trusty camera will take you there!

Well, I must go, the party is still going and people need to be caught on film. Toodles!

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