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The guests are gone, but the duty remains

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

As the last guests left the room, Luriana stood by Carter´s side leaning in ever so slightly.

Luriana: "Well tonight went quite well did it not? I believe the food was on point."

Carter nodded in agreement.

Carter: " Indeed quite well, Ms. Luriana. I will head down to give a hand with things at the kitchen. I am terribly sorry but would you mind taking care of the room by yourself?"

Luriana: "Not at all Mr.Carter, leave it to me."

From behind they could feel the music stop for an instance, followed by Kean the footman's voice....

Kean: " I apologize Ms. Luriana, but would you mind if I stayed with the piano for a little while longer, I need to practice this particular song that has been troubling me for quite sometime..."

Luriana: "Oh please do go ahead, in truth the music will make the cleaning process much more enjoyable, thank you Kean "

While Kean worked out his piano kinks, Luriana was quick to start the task of clearing the room. She began to clear the dining table, making sure the flower arrangements were still intact and beautiful for another dinner, the empty plates stacked and taken down to be washed and the chairs re-adjusted with great precision.

Standing back, admiring the clean table, she quickly grabbed her mop and whizzed around the room to Kean's music, making the floor shine. What a night that was, and how delightful it was to see so many pleased faces in one room. Working on, when the time came for bed, Luriana would rest well, knowing the team had done such a wonderful job and she looked forward to yet another marvelous state dinner.


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