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The Curator's Magic

One of the busiest deliveries, apart from the weekly deliveries of event management and estate consumables, is the delivery and organisation of the new Art Gallery rotation.

Deciding to give a helping hand in arranging the inventory at the Manor, Luriana made her way to the catacombs hoping to meet with Shakti. A new shipment of refined and exclusive art work had just arrived, much to Shakti's excitement.

Shakti was smiling brightly seeing so many packages arriving and looking up, noticed that Luriana was making her way towards her.

"Hello Luriana, right on time! More are making their way in but I am already falling in love with these!" gesturing at the frames gathered around her.

Luriana nodded, her eyes being rather quick to observe the frames that had already been settled down. " How wonderful!"

Luriana began to take notes, watching Shakti putting on a pair of white clean gloves and began to carefully pick up each frame and studying them with precision and detail.

Excitedly, Shakti was immersed in a world of wonder and magic, each painting touching her with various dear meanings. She was speaking so quickly, Luriana could barely keep up!

"Have a look at these!" said Shakti, moving closer to the ones by the wall.

"And these!" running over to the next box.

Time flew on with each box opened, Luriana diligently taking notes on Shakti's remarks until the last painting was withdrawn from it's packaging. Luriana finished taking her notes and Shakti was more than eager to work on getting the fresh new wave of art on display at the Rose Gallery.

Inhaling deeply, they both felt the job was well done.

Shakti: "You know Luriana, Angel Manor has such a rich history that it easily makes guests, tenants and artists a part of that history."

Luriana smiled and nodded " I couldn't agree more."

With that Luriana went back upstairs, and Shakti stood among the latest artworks, taking stock of the next gallery rotation.


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