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A Secret in the Pile - Part 2

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Luriana had decided enough was enough, the curious book she had found had caused her some sleepless nights and she wanted to look for some answers. The Duke and Duchess had been busy with events both on and off the Estate and she had not had a minute to talk to them.

She would however, need some help down in the catacombs, or some direction of where to start, so she called upon Taylor, the Lady's Maid to the Lethbridge residence.

Taylor: Greetings, how is your afternoon M'Lady?

Luriana: Good afternoon Taylor, all is alright, it is so wonderful to see you, thank you for coming, I believe someone told you I was in need of your help?

Taylor: Yes M'Lady Shelly mentioned it.

Luriana: You see, I am in a bit of a stressful situation, and a helping hand would come most in handy at a time like this, let us step inside...

Taylor: Yes M'Lady

Luriana put down her pad and collected the book she had found the other day to show it to Taylor "Have you ever come across this book dear? Its rather "special" I believe..."

Taylor: It must be a relic M'lady. I pretty much dust the books on the bookshelf not read them M'lady.

Luriana nods and smiles "Indeed it is, and I understand what you mean, but I was wondering as you dusted them that perhaps you´d come across this particular one, most fascinating of all, is that it holds a great secret... You see I was here placing the books I had collected back to where they belong but I came across this odd book, it was already opened and laid on the ground next to this pile."

Taylor: "I can peek next time if it is quiet m'lady "

Luriana continues. " And in this same page I found a fascinating line...that follows: "The Angel's Secret lies at the heart of the main house, and those who manage to find it discover a treasure unlike any other!"

Luriana: "Precisely what has been troubling me.. what sort of treasure is the book speaking of... what is this secret?" she said in a frown as she had been reading that same page over and over again lately.

Taylor: May I guess M'lady?

Luriana nods with great curiosity" Go ahead, please."

Taylor: "I imagine it is not wealth but somekind of wishful granting as if a dream may come true , but in my experience, consequences may always be hovering..."

Luriana places a finger to her chin, nodding to Taylors words." I see...Fascinating. " she said closing the book in her hand. "Well this has left me wondering, I´ve done some research and it appears the writer of this book has only left us with 3 letters in the books cover.... "LDA"

Taylor: "Hmmmmm, not initials I imagine?"

Luriana shakes her head lost for words. "I am not sure... it could mean a multitude of things...but this is what I´ve though of doing, and the reason why I called you... would you come with me to the archives... together we can go downstairs and look for anything with LDA initials and see what we could find."

Taylor: "I am willing to assist for your comfort M'lady"

Luriana smiles. "Thank you Taylor, I already imagine it being a bit of an overwhelming research but I am willing to get to the bottom of this mystery...Shall we head to the archives?"

Taylor: Yes M'lady please lead the way....

They walked down to the lowest level at the main house and begin their search at the archives... but did they manage to find it themselves?

Perhaps others should go do a little search themselves.


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