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Secret Meetings on the Estate!

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Why hello there! Cecil here, I seem to have taken on a further role as the Royal correspondent as well as photographer, fancy that. Now it's not just my images that must do the talking, but also my words! When the family asked me, I thought I may as well give it a go but excuse me if I waffle on too long.

I was walking around the upper floor of the Estate last night when I could hear murmuring coming from one of the state rooms. Now, I am not one for peeking around doorways but when I heard the Duchess' voice I thought it would do no harm to sneak a peek!

Her Grace was deep in conversation with Mr Lefevre-Enimo, Mr Enimo-Lefevre and Ms Bellios, from the Miss SL ORG. Her Grace excused herself for several minutes to let me know they were discussing some upcoming events that will be taking place towards the end of the year, but no matter how I asked she remained quiet with that slight smile of hers, although I know if Her Grace is chatting with such excellent folk, it will be quite the event!

They permitted me to document their meeting, and without keeping them too long, I made my excuses and took myself off down the corridor. No sooner had I left the upper floors, than I heard quite the commotion coming from the hallway, and never one to miss a second (well, what sort of documentarian would I be if I didn't!) I hurried down to find Ms Luriana flustered and looking hastily for a mop.

Something about a German Shephard...

Each day brings something new and exciting to the Estate, and I look forward to seeing what I can discover tomorrow.

I hope you will permit me these musings. Until next time


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