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Its Make-over Time!

In the kitchens Luriana was pacing around, receiving phone calls one after the other as the ceremony taking place today demanded an extra effort from the entire staff team. The cooks were already stressed with the sheer amount of food to prepare, but nothing they couldn't handle and of course the poor footman had to carry the trays back and forth to the area where the ceremony was going to take place.

In the middle of all the commotion, she received a call from Jeeves the Butler.

Jeeves: "Ms. Luriana, the Duchess has requested your aid, please head to her room as soon as you possibly can.

Luriana: " Thank you Jeeves, not to worry , I´ll go up at once."

Once there she opened the doors carefully, only to be extremely surprised to what she saw. The Duchess could not hold a giggle, she simply looked at Luriana and said:

Kezzy Forwzy: "Wild and free just like my spirit"

Luriana: " Oh dear, well it seems we´ve got a lot of work ahead of us your Grace"

She gestured that they should move onto the vanity table and grabbing hold of a hair brush Luriana studied what to do with her Grace's hair.

Luriana: " Have we settled on the hairstyle your Grace? A simple updo, braid or something rather elegant?"

Kezzy Forwzy: "I think something elegant today, it is a very special occasion!"

Quickly, she put her hands to work, her Grace's hair needed careful attention, and during the beauty session Luriana tried her best not to pull her Grace's hair too hard.

Luriana: "Indeed it is, how long have they´ve been married your Grace?"

Kezzy Forwzy: "One year, can you believe it! It doesn't seem that long ago we were attending the wedding."

Luriana: "Oh how wonderful, to see love ever lasting, and we do love a wedding, don't we your Grace?"

Kezzy Forwzy: "Indeed" she said in a laugh.

Luriana smiled and tilted her head thinking for a moment..."Well lets give a few looks a try shall we" she said inhaling deeply to see where this would go.

Kezzy Forwzy frowns "Maybe a little casual?"

Luriana nods in agreement. " Yes quite..." she said, raising the hairbrush and both eyebrows thinking, here we go again, round 2.

Luriana frowns " Hmm, we need something elevated that would go well with the dress, do you think a tiara is in order your Grace? If so we could try something.... special."

Kezzy Forwzy: "Yes I think I will wear grandmother's jewellery, excellent idea!"

Luriana smiles and nods brightly " Splendid." she said moving to one of the drawers to collect the box in which held the jewellery.

Luriana nods, extremely pleased with the look. " Perfect your Grace, how do you feel?" she asked, hoping she was pleased.

Kezzy Forwzy: "This is exactly what I hoped for! Thank you Luriana, you are a wizard."

Luriana: "Well I will get your dress ready, your favourite perfume is right here your Grace as well" she said revealing the flask and placing it on the table.

With the dress laid nicely on the bed she went to grab hold of a selection of shoe boxes.

The morning went on as she helped the Duchess prepare for the ceremony, both extremely excited to attend it.

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