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Estate News - September 2020

Updated: May 24, 2021

A very good day to you the residents of Angel Manor,

Time for another news update!

New Season

Well a new season is almost up on us! Over the next few weeks we can expect the estate to turn a golden orange as the leaves start to fall from the trees. I've always loved the season the most as its always the most colourful and I'm sure its no surprise I do like the colour gold. We shall try and have the groundskeepers do their best to manage the fallen leaves but please mind the paths as they can get slippery.

Sim Crossings

Some of you may be aware of this but I thought I would say it for those that may not have heard. As Linden Lab have been working to move their servers to the cloud they made some changes to the code that improved sim crossing and specifically with vehicles. From horses to cars and bikes, boats and aircraft. In many cases now what used to be a scary crossing of a few seconds and a great risk to flying up and off somewhere most sim crossing now are a one second stop before carrying on. This makes modes of transport around the sim much more enjoyable. So do take a horse out for a ride. There are bikes at the main entrance you can get from a bike rack (You can only see the bike rack but if you click on it you will see a bike rez) If you have a car then feel free to drive around the estate. Although I will add I know so many cars are set up for racing and not a nice slow drive around an estate, but such cars are out there and I've always enjoyed driving around the estate. I would also like to remind people there are some rowing boats at the docks you can take out on the North West side of the estate and there is a route to row down the East side of the estate.

Estate Updates

The new East Wing was completed a number of weeks back now and the East wing now represents all parts of the estate having been updated and as updates never stop I shall start working my way around the estate again. Our goal is always to be looking to improve your standard of living here and your homes and ensuring the estate is always kept fresh with new things to see and do.

Honors of Angel Manor

Most should know of these now as we've been putting out information about these over the last few updates. Some of you may have noticed the changes in titles of some of the residents. We have a long list of people we wish to thank for their continued support here at the estate and if you have not got one yet and believe you would of met some of the criteria we identified in the information well don't worry as the list is long, but we did not want to put them all out at once as we need to arrange photo shoots and so on with each person and the order at which we are sending them out is not based on anything other than making sure there is a mix of titles going out at once.

Garden Parties

I wanted to make a special thanks to all those that have been coming to the Garden Party events. We have seen a very strong resident based turn out at these and its been such a delight to see people and have the chance to chat during and after. We also had the pleasure of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II join us last week, which people seem to enjoy very much. It was a nice welcome surprise for us all. But again I just wish to say how wonderful its been to catch up and indeed as we head forward into the colder months I think it would be wonderful to continue to use other parts of the estate both indoors and outdoors for some of our events.

Chapel Service

We're always open to new ideas and over the last few months we've had a number of people interested in the idea of the estate chapel holding a service. We've tried to be very respectful with this in the past as we acknowledge a large range of views exist with it comes to religion and spirituality. As attendance is totally a choice we wanted to give it a go. So there will be a Service in the estate chapel each Saturday at 11am SLT. The service will be ran by Father Lian and Father Emmanuel and it will be a Catholic service. Open to anyone who wishes to attend. If you know of ministers of other faiths who would like to use the chapel please ask them to get in touch with Kezzy.

And Finally...

We really hope that everyone is doing ok in these strange times. I said in the last update that for me SL should be a place people can escape from whatever their RL world presents them, but I still want to at least tip my hat and acknowledge that I'm sure we've all been affected by this is one way or another. As life may be starting to creep back to some sort of normal I appreciated that lock down was hard but so now is returning. We wish all the best in both physical and mental health in these times and hope the estate is a form of needed escape.

Best wishes

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

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