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Estate News - September 2019

Updated: May 24, 2021

A very good day to you the residents of Angel Manor,

As we come to the end of Summer I though I would give you some updates on whats coming up.

First I wish to say sorry for the lack of events over the last few months. My self and the Duchess have both been very busy with some new RL situations, both of which are wonderful and positive, but have required some attention and focus in RL. I hope you will forgive the lack of events over the last few months and will understand that until the end of October I shall continue to be a little busy in RL. But I hope once that is over we are able to get back to into a much better schedule of events and activities. I would also like to take this chance to thank the Duchess for her amazing and continuing support in helping with the running of the estate during this busy time!

That said we do still have a number of things coming up for you. The stage is set for our big end of Summer "Big Splash Summer Party" This will be set outside at the pool of the main residence. Featuring a number of artists to celebrate the end of what has been a beautiful summer! The Duchess will be working her magic and book some great entertainment of which we shall then be able to release the date of the event. I do hope as many of you will be able to attend as I know from many comments that visitors to the estate always have a fascination with those that live here and that your attendance at events makes them feel honored to be in the company of the high society of Second Life.

Also starting this Sunday the 8th we've be honored to host the Grand VME Primetime. For those like my self who may not of been aware are the leading wrestling federation in Second Life. They have chosen to host a number of grand primetime matches here at Angel Manor. They put on a very professional and passionate performance and I've been very impressed with just how much work goes into their work and entertainment! Matches will be held on the 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th. The times differ, but notecards will be going out.

Other than that please enjoy what's left of Summer before the colder weather hits the estate.

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

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