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Estate News - November 2020

Dear Residents of Angel Manor Estate

I wanted to start with the weather forecast as it seems that we have some stormy weather heading our way as we brace for a cold winter. We are expect snow to start to roll in from the South around about the start of the the week of the 23rd of November. It is time to have your maids and valets prepare your wardrobes for the winter season. We often get cold winters here at Angel Manor, but we try to make the most of them with many winter based activities.

In other news we've had a number of updates to the estate over the last few weeks and although many of you may of come across them I like to make sure I let people know of new changes.

The Retreat Sim has undergone a major update and added a new area for residents to relax and enjoy new views and sounds. There are also a number of rowing boats you can now take out around the water ways on that sim so look out for the white and blue rowing boat on the little docks there. These boats can be taken out for a little trip and you may also see there is now a new route that lets you take a boat out of that water way and out and around the whole east side of the sim. All thought once this area has frozen over it will also make a great location to get out the ice skates!


The little farm that was on the retreat sim has been moved and a new petting zoo has been created for animal lovers.

A resident had made a request for a new play area for those who have children or who have friends with children. The new play around has lots of activities for children. We always welcome resident based requests for new areas of activities at the estate so if you ever thing the estate is missing something please do let us know


Christmas will soon be up on us and the Duchess has been working hard to ensure a range of events over the season. We shall be hosting a Christmas market as we have in the past as well as some wonderful music events and balls.

I also want to take the time to thank those residents who have been working really hard to create resident based events. These really help build a stronger sense of community on the estate and over the last few months I've seen a many great friendships being formed and families joining up for regular joint activities. As always we totally respect those who live here as an escape and wish to live a quite life in luxury. But I always ask people to remember that one of the special aspects of living on a themed estate is that people are often much more like minded than you may get on an estate or residential area with out a theme. We fully support whatever level of engagement you wish to have here on the estate, but want to appreciate those that take the time to create resident evens for others to enjoy.

We were delighted with the turn out for our Halloween Ball which was a great success and many thanks to the Duchess who is always the mastermind behind the large themed events, which is in keeping with the traditions of grand estates with the lady of the estate making sure we always deliver the finest of social events.

We were also very proud and honored to host the remembrance event for singer Kat Vargas who sadly passed due to Covid. We were ask to host the event which has a large number of singers from around the grid singer and speak in her honor. It was a very touching and moving event and the fact that Angel Manor was picked as the location to host the event gives us great pride to know how well the estate and venue is respected in the community. We had a record number of people at the event as we had both sims open with audience on both the stage and the audience of the Opera House. The event was recorded by someone who attended the event

And to end I wanted to make a recommendation of an item that may help add to your experience here on the estate. It's a system I've used for years now and at first it had some issues with sim crossing so I never felt right to recommend it, but it seems to have been fixed now and works with out issue. The system adds realistic foot sounds as you walk around the estate. There are many shoes that do this but the difference with this system is that the sound changes based on the surface you're walking on. So the sound it different if you're walking on wood or carpet or gravel and so on. The entire estate has been set up to work with this system including all the homes here. It adds a great level of immersion to the experience. It can be a little tricky to set up as you're able to change the speed of the sounds to match your animation, but its well worth it in my view. There is a base line product and then an add-on for heal based sounds. I shall include the location on marketplace where this system can be bought .

Main Product

Heal Addon

Thank you for taking the time to catch up on news and lets hope for a nice winter and lots of fun in the snow!

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

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