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Estate News - May 2019

Updated: May 24, 2021

A very good day to you Residents of Angel Manor Estate,

A long over due news letter!

As you may remember from my last news letter I was putting all my focus into a large rebuild of one of the large homes here. I'm pleased to say that it's done now apart from a few tweaks which I hope to be done this weekend. This is part of the on going upgrades across the estate as I move around always making sure that each home here is as good as it can be.

I've also just been updating the roads and paths with a new texture and some changes to the layout for smoother transitions for those that move around on horse or by car and indeed on foot.

I also have some other large landscaping plans which will improve the whole estates visual aesthetics, but I want to put this forward as a proposal first, which I may be able to get out this weekend also to get your feedback on before I do anything.

My next focus will be the gallery space which is to be updated to allow for larger exhibitions that I hope will appeal to a larger number of people.

Now that the major work is done on that rebuild of the Dukes sim it means I can once again pull focus back to events both for the Rose Theatre but also some social activities for the Residents. So starting next week we shall start bookings once again so look out for notices with invites to some social events.

I've also just got a new computer which has really given me the ability to make some new video's of very high quality. I did speak to a number of people in the past about them taking part in some videos in which I capture some of you as residents of Angel Manor. Our role as an estate is to inspire others around the grid as to what life can be like. By showcasing how we live a life of luxury and class. In hope that it inspires and elevates others in their aspirations in living a good life. So I may be contacting those that expressed interest in taking part in these short films and if anyone else who may of joined the estate after my first announcement would like to take part I welcome you letting me know. I'm always proud of the level to which people here present them self and proud of the life I see people living and I would love to capture and share that with the SL community.

So to sum up the focus over the next few months

*Events shall start up again including resident based social events.

*The Gallery upgrades will shortly take place.

*With your approval there will be some larger aesthetics updates to the gardens and grounds of the estate.

* Some film projects shall be taking place in which you're invited to take part to showcase your life of luxury to the SL community

Looking ahead of that the East Wing sim is the next sim to get a major upgrade, but there will also be many little upgrades coming to other homes as I wish only for the best for you as residents here at Angel Manor.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope to be able to sit down for dinner or some tea at some coming social events very soon.

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

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