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Estate News Letter - August 2021


Hello Residents

As our summer programme of events is coming to a close, we wanted to update you with the latest news and events from Angel Manor Estate. Our garden parties across the summer have been very well received and we look forward to this format again in future summers.



Our 14th Birthday Celebration of the Arts Festival was a resounding success, with the sim full for the entire weekend. We were astonished by the support we received and a huge thank you to our visitors and residents for making the event such a wonderful memory. 14 years seems like a long time to do what we love, and we really couldn't do it without you.


We were delighted to be asked to be a venue for Second Life's Made in Second Life web series, featuring Fly Kugin. This was filmed just before Christmas 2020, so we have waited a while to be able to share it with you! You can watch the film directed by Draxtor Depres here.


The Rose Theatre is 14 years old.

An interview with Kaya Angel was also published this month in Focus Magazine. Here, Kaya talks about the past, present and future of Angel Manor and it's well worth a read if you missed it first time round.

edding on the estate


We had the pleasure of dining with our residents in the Angel Family Dining Hall at the start of the summer. These events are so important to us to listen to your thoughts and ideas for the Estate so please look out for some more events hosted by us coming up in September.


We also enjoyed a trip to the yacht which

was full of surprises. We really appreciate it when you engage with us during these events and are looking forward to spending some more time with you soon!


The Eponie Suites on the West Wing are currently having an upgrade, adding a new top floor with additional features to enjoy. This will come with an updated furniture pack so please look out for that coming your way shortly.


DJ Events being added to our event offerings

As life is starting to get back to normal in the Real Life, and musicians and visitors are starting to reconnect with their families and friends, we are having a much reduced music calendar in September to allow people to enjoy spending time with their loved ones. We plan to have several engagement events hosted by us open to all residents and the entire Rose Theatre group during the interim so look out for posters and notices on that soon!



As always, all of your comments and ideas are welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you around the Estate as we move into Autumn.

Many thanks

Kaya and Kezzy

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