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Estate News - June 2020

Updated: May 24, 2021

A very good day to all residents of Angel Manor Estate,

I wanted to write to give you a few updates on whats coming over the next few weeks!

To start with is the next major update to the estate, As many of those that have been here a long time know I'm endlessly working my way around the estate making updates to ensure the estate is kept new and fresh and that is represents the best in quality and luxury we can offer you the residents of the estate. The next major update will be the total rebuild of the East Wing. The East Wing of the estate was the first residential estate wing that was added to the estate so many years ago now and it houses some of our longest serving residents on the estate. Plans have been drawn up for the new wing and shared with the current residents. The rebuild process will start on the week of the 22nd and should be complete over a two week period. So please do excuse the building work while these updates take place.

Shortly following that update the two homes on the Angel Manor Park sim will be totally rebuilt, these are the homes next to the golf course.

Our aim here on the estate is to always keep things new and fresh for you the residents and we do have some plans for the gallery space at last but I shall share those plans at a later date.

The next update I wish to share is on the Estate Honors which we are calling The Order Of Angel Manor.

We have put together our current list of who we wish to honor here at the estate on the first round, which is based on a set of criteria that is derived from our mission statement. We are just working on the final details of the ceremony in which the Orders shall be delivered. We shall not be announcing all the orders at once as the ceremony and photo's have to be arranged with each Order. So if you don't hear your name right away don't worry as the Honors will be an on going thing and we have a good number of people on the current list to get through.

It should not be long now before we start sending out the first recognition invites. The order at which we do this is simply based on wanting to have a mix of honors in each round of announcements for the simple case of variety so please know that the order has no other factor other then just wanting to offer variety in our press releases.

The Duchess also came up with a wonderful idea that I fully support, which is to also give thanks to some of our long standing artists/performers and other individuals who have played a large role in the estate community and quality of life of the residents here. Our mission statement acknowledges that the estate is here to support the wider community of second life and I'm sure those who have been with the estate for a many years will know of many individuals who have played a large role in supporting the estate over the years.

And finally as part of this update I just wanted to say that I hope you have been able to enjoy the much more frequent performances we have been putting on in the Rose Theatre. We also hope to make the most of the summer weather by also hosting some out door events / festivals in the coming months ahead and as always it would be a pleasure to see any residents that are able to attend there.

I hope all of you are doing well in these crazy times. We don't acknowledge what is going on in the real world here too much as we believe this place should be an escape from all of that, but I wish to to once again say that if anyone is having any issues with payment due to real life situations please do let me know as I will do what I can to support people during this time and if anyone does contact me about this it shall be in the strictest of confidence.

Well I have some building materials to order and some bulldozers to hire!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and you know where to contact my self or the Duchess if there is anything we can help you with.

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

The Duke and Duchess of Angel Manor

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