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Estate News - January 2020

Updated: May 24, 2021

Dear Residents of Angel Manor,

A very good day to you!

Time for an update on the latest news.

Over the last month I've been working on updates at the Rose Theatre. This includes a new tea room with in the heart of the Rose Theatre and a face lift to the general decor with a warmer and more inviting marble and gold replacing the colder stone with blue accents.

The key update I needed to get done was to the stage so that this years next round of live performances are taking place on a new set with new production items.

What else is planned this year ?

As most of you know I work my way around the estate endlessly updating your homes. Next on my list is the East Wing which one was of the first residential wings to be added. This will under go a total revamp ensuring the residents there get the a major update to their homes as the residents there are some of the longest standing residents of Angel Manor Estate.

Winter should also be coming to an end soon and we can once again enjoy the green grass.

As well as the live shows I would love to put some focus on some royal banquets and royal balls as there are many spaces here that we never really open up for events.

Two of the large garden areas are also due for an update this year and I would like to add more things to do and more spaces to sit and relax and enjoy rather than just spaces you can walk through.

I would also like to increase the spa area to include more areas for luxury treatment and relaxation.

So they are my key thoughts and areas of focus in the coming months ahead. As always I welcome ideas and thoughts as this is just as much your home as mine so if you feel there is something you would like to see I really do welcome your thoughts!

I hope to see many of you soon in the new and improved ballroom areas for performances from some of the best singers SL has to offer.

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel and Kezzy Forwzy

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