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Enjoying The Last Rays of Sunshine

After a refreshing helicopter ride that flew beyond the Estate´s mountains, the Angel Manor team arrived safely to the yacht, the sunlight still showed signs of a warm summery time, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to enjoy what was left of the nice temperatures.

When stepping inside the Estate Angel Carter was quick to provide drinks as the team was seated.

Notebooks in hand and an eagerness to share what updates each one had brought to the table the team began to go over the specific agenda of what had to be discussed and worked upon.

From matters surrounding the art gallery to the team of Angels and most importantly the overall update on the estate management, a good deal of thoughts, suggestions and ideas circled around the table while the meeting went on

The waves splashing and wind blowing provided a healthy location for a meeting...

One thing is for certain a great deal of surprises are heading back to the estate

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