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Cleaners Needed ASAP!

Distracted with all things work related Luriana made her way down the stairs at the great hall in the main house of the Estate, rather oblivious to the commotion taking place right by the entrance doors, upon reaching the very last step, she heard a manly scream, most likely from one of the guards or footman that would be seen around the Manor.

Luriana: "What in the world is that all about?!"

Soon enough after that, the main doors could be seen opening very fast and with it, what it seemed to be a fur ball dashing, leaving a thick trail behind it of dust and dirt spreading through the air, the little one was but one of the many german shepards some of the Estate residents owned, yet this one seemed to be looking for something , it did not show signs of being lost, more so it was simply being mischievous .

Luriana frowned as soon as she locked eyes with the little one whose paws were extremely dirty, it appeared from the looks of it the little rascal seemed to have just ran away from somewhere in the stables...

Luriana: " What are you doing in here! How dare you make such a mess! Do you realize how hard this is to keep clean?! "

She said in a rant, as if it could actually understand her. She rose her chin to have a better look behind at the " Damage" done by the little devil.

She then shook her head, letting out a heavily frustrated sigh, placing a hand on her forehead...

Luriana: " I'll go get a mop, and see if the maids could give me a hand, you are so lucky not to be sentenced to a whole week without treats!"

The little rascal tilted his head, all he could gather from her talking was the word "treats" and boy did he want some, being quick to jump, trying to catch her attention.....

Luriana: " I definitely.....need some help." she said followed by another sigh.


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