​Angel Manor Estate is a large country estate set in the modern era, where the aristocracy have moved forwards with the times to ensure the survival of this grand house and grounds.


As a large country estate, we are looking for a team of people to work as gardeners, chauffeurs, event hosts, waiting staff, lady's maids, housemaids, footmen and tour guides. These roles and more fall under the title of Estate Angel.


The Estate Angels aim to add authenticity to the life of Angel Manor Estate and the role is aimed at people who enjoy Second Life and can meet the high standards expected of Estate life.

What are the Estate Angels?

Estate Angels are a group of people who live and work on Angel Manor Estate, engaging with our visitors and promoting the Angel Manor brand. 

The aim of this team is to help make Angel Manor Estate a memorable experience for those that visit. Estate Angels are made up of people who understand the joy that comes from helping put a smile on peoples face by performing various tasks at the grand events associated with the Estate, be it assisting with live performances in the many venues, social gatherings or just creating a story in the grounds.

Angel Manor Estate is a cultural mecca created in 2007 to showcase the highest quality of the arts of Second Life, in music, art and content creation. Since then, we have been driven by the power this virtual world has to offer by allowing all residents of Second Life a place to escape to and rest their soul in our world of creativity and grand splendour. Themed as a modern day aristocratic palace, we create an environment that allows our visitors, residents and staff to experience a standard of life and culture that encourages, inspires and motivates us to live our best lives in both worlds.

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