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Estate News - June 2018

Dear Residents,

A very good day to you all. I thought I'd write to give you a few dates you may wish to add into your calendars for some social events. Now that the summer weather is here I would love to make the most of it.

Thursday 14th June 2pm SLT

A little fun on the water! Taking some rowing boats out for a little trip around the estate ending with a garden picnic.

Dress: Summer garden party (appropriate for getting in and out of a rowing boat!)

Tuesday 19th June 2pm SLT

Formal dinner. Join us for a meal and conversation.

Dress: White tie for the men and formal long for the ladies

As always attendance is optional, but would love to see you there!

Rental Box

Some people may notice that I've been changing the rental box system as the old one is not supported anymore so you don't get notifications and so on. A good number of you that may of moved in not that long ago will already be on the new system. But today I went around and added the new boxes next to the old boxes. Once your payment runs out on the old boxes please start to use the new ones. If you only see one rental box then you're already on the new system. I will remove the old ones once people have moved over to the new. If you have any questions about the new ones please just ask, but the menu system is nice and easy to use.


This year it is all about updates and I've already started by upgrading a number of homes here. I've lots planned over the coming year. Both with upgrades for a number of homes here that have not been touched in a long time. And there are also some total rebuilds planned. I shall be speaking to people before any work is done on homes though so don't worry, but I hope you will enjoy the new updates that you will start to see around the estate. As always we're committed to ensuring the best for everyone here on the estate.

Many Thanks

Kaya Angel

The Duke of Angel Manor

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