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Lead Angel, Luriana Yakubu............

Today I wake up into this world, with a strong goal, and ambition.
That I get to deliver that sense of heavenly kindness to others.
Providing an experience to a community of storytelling lovers.
Creating memories for all, and myself included. 
Breathing that feeling of peace to everyone's heart, mind and soul.

Acknowledging that Angel Manor Estate is not in itself a strictly roleplay oriented sim, the sort of adventures and storytelling you may take part are directed to a gathered community of people, because of that not everyone you may see exploring the 12 sim Estate will be "In Character" and you can't expect every visitor to be at all familiarised with Second Life's RP. But a present day setting allows people to remain in character and interact with non RP visitors.

The setting takes place in our current modern era. But as with many great estates that have survived, historic traditions still dictate the way of life. The stories and adventures that unfold are based on a great Edwardian estate that has survived the test of time. Enjoy an adventure either as an aristocrat of the estate by living on the estate or by being a regular visitor. Or join the house hold staff and work to create stories, plots and adventure for those that live, work and visit the estate.

​What are the Estate Angels?

Within the Roleplay community, a selected group of people can become at the same time staff members to the Estate, and gain the title of an Estate Angel.
The aim of this team of roleplayers is to help make Angel Manor Estate a memorable experience for those that visit. The community is made up of people who understand the joy that comes from helping put a smile on peoples face. They perform various tasks at the grand events associated with the Estate, be it assisting with live performances in the many venues, social gatherings or just creating a story in the grounds. Here the roleplay becomes merely thematic to the event taking place, where the team is in charge of adding to  the atmosphere of an event but in a "Out Of Character" perspective.

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Garden Party_002_016
Sailing Sims_003
Secret Garden_008
Riding Trip_011
Riding Trip_012
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Garden Party_001
Masquerade Ball_003
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Angel Manor is a place of peace and relaxation. Most of our visitors come to immerse themselves in the environment. We understand the important role that places like Angel Manor play within the SL community.  And now we hope to provide you with fun adventures for you to play with and experience!

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